Your Dog Wants Toys This Color

Do you know that dogs see color?best color for dog toys

And do you know the best color for dog toys?

At one time, it was thought that dogs could only see in shades of gray. It’s now known that dogs do see colors, although in a smaller range than humans. Dogs don’t see colors the way we do, but they do notice differences in colors by the shade intensity. Humans have three color detecting cells called cones. They can identify red, blue, green and yellow wavelengths.  Dogs have only two cones that allows them to only see the blue and yellow wavelengths.

Next time you wonder why your dog isn’t interested in a certain toy, maybe it’s because he doesn’t notice it. I have a red ball in my backyard that my dogs have never picked up. I suspect it’s either just blending in with the grass color or my dogs don’t care for ball toys.

best color for dog toys human vs dog visionTo dogs, red looks brownish, purple looks blue, and green/yellow/orange toys, depending on the shade, can all look yellowish. So if you’re looking for the best color for a dog’s fetch toy, pick a color he can easily see in the green grass.  The best color would be a blue toy to contrast with the grass.

Also, dogs have worse vision than humans. Dogs eyes have blurry vision, with as much as 20%-40%  more blur than humans. This may vary also depending on the breed. So bigger and brighter toys might be better for him.

Next time you go to the pet store, remember the best colors for dog toys are bright blue or yellow.

Want to see what you look like to your dog?

Here’s a fun dog-vision image processing tool to find out how your dog sees you.

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In some ways, dogs vision is better than humans.

  • Dogs have better peripheral vision. Since their eyes are placed more towards the side on the head, they may see 240 degrees wide depending on the breed. Humans normally can see about 200 degrees wide.
  • Dogs also have better night vision, whereas humans see better in daylight.
  • Dogs are better motion detectors. If a prey animal even slightly moves, your dog will probably notice before you do.

These last three points can help owners of reactive dogs on their walks.  My dogs are reactive, especially towards squirrels. My Dobermans HATE squirrels.  To make dog walks easier for me, I only walk them during the day. Also, during walks I’m constantly scanning the area so that I see squirrels before my dogs do.

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