5 Reasons Why Dobermans Attack

Dobermans have a reputation of being a dangerous dog breed.  But is it deserved?

Lets look at some of the main causes of doberman aggression and attacks.


1. Food aggression:

Dobermans will attack if someone tries stealing their food, dobermans don’t share.








2. Dominance aggression:

Dobermans need their personal space respected, dobermans don’t cuddle.








3. Fear aggression:

Dobermans are startled when someone or something strange surprises them, possibly leading to doberman attacks.










4. Predatory aggression:

Instincts tell dobermans to attack and chase small animals or prey.









5. Territorial aggression:

Dobermans naturally protect their territory with their excellent Parkour skills.










See don’t I look like a dangerous attack doberman?


In all seriousness dog aggression is a serious issue, and you should understand what can cause it.

Some common types of aggression that can lead to doberman attacks include:

dominance, territorial, pain-induced, fear, sexual related, maternal, predatory, disease-induced and learned aggression.

If you notice any of these behaviors, it is your responsibility as a good dog owner and good citizen to get help for the problem.


  1. Sarang said:

    @Danielle Dogs need rules and boundaries… either you looked him into the eye which is a sign for challenge or triggered him with your actions or the owner of the dog is stupid to not train him and put him on a leash. Btw not all dogs are the same.

    September 23, 2017
  2. Danielle said:

    I have been traumatized today. I was gardening in my back yard today. My neighboh’s house is less that’s a 1/2 a mile from ours. He does not have a dog. However, while preparing the ground for planting the garden, I heard a dog barking out on his deck. I looked and noticed a Doberman Pinscher barking at me. Did not think anything of it. I continued digging the hole to to plant.. the dog continued barking I looked up towards the deck this time he was on the front of my neighbor’s deck. The owner of the house was on the deck she looked at the dog, then looked st me and went I side the house. Before I knew it that dog had in split second left their enclosed deck and was barking comeing towards me… I was petrified..it barked while coming towards me. I said. “No , please No. Stop.. ” then a young man came walking slowly from my neighbors deck he called the dog..the dogs ear went back, he looked back and continued barking while approaching me. I kept saying to the dogNo, please, No .Stop. And called out to the man. “Please I am deadly afraid of them Please.”. meanwhile the dog kept barking and approaching me.. again I repeated the same words. That man called out 4 times to the dog. It would turn it,’s head and look at him and disregard the man while barking and approaching me. The dog was now in front of me Zmy voice was soft..Insaid..No please No. Stop” again. Suddenly..the dog turned around and went with the man. I was shaking, in shock, petrified. What happened here why did this visiting dog come to my territory, disregards the owner’s command and insist on barking and attempt to attack me without provocation. I was NOT in my neighbor’s territory

    September 13, 2017
  3. daniel said:

    i would also like to react on the 5 reasons why dobermanns attack.

    1 : food aggression : learn your dog not to be agressive when you go with your hands into his feeding bowl. (should be done with every dog)
    some may think that there is no reason to do that,but what if by accident something should not be in his fooding bowl,then it should be easy for you to get it out of his bowl without he being angry and even if that would not be the reason,then its still a good way for learning him he has no reason to be angry if you do.

    2 : dominance : make sure he will never dominate you and learn him that from when he is young,but in a gentill way and dont answer starting agressive with being agressive yourself.

    3 : fear agression : happens alot with a dober because they are hyper from blood. learn him to walk away from the problem when he is surprised so he wont bite if he is surprised.
    4 : predatory agrresion : once they go after something then its not easy to stop them and so that means you have to learn him from a young age not to run after pets or young children. take your dober to as many places as possible from a young age otherwise it may go wrong some day.

    5 : territorial agression : something i dont mind it when my doberman still keeps that.because if i’m not at home then strangers should not come on my property.
    if i’m at home he has to listen to me.
    but i can tell you that dobers are good gard dogs and you dont have to learn them that,because its in there blood.
    garding dog doesnt mean he is a natural attack dog.

    this is my way of thinking and my experience.
    hope my english writing is understandeble.
    and hope to see some more reactions,because i love dobers so much.

    January 6, 2017
  4. daniel said:

    if it is your first dog then better go to a dogschool with him.
    not only to train the dog,but also yourself.

    January 5, 2017
  5. Jaki said:

    Thankyou for comment Daniel. Yes be firm but fair 🙂

    December 30, 2016
  6. daniel said:

    nice i found this.
    my mothertongue is not english so it will not Always be easy to say what i mean.
    but for me a dobermann is a special dog.
    for this moment i got also one and its the fourth dobermann i had.
    not every dobermann is the same.
    but when a dobermann is attached to his boss,then noone else can come between them.
    they are very sensitive dogs in a way.
    you can learn them to be agressive,but also to be very gentill.
    and with that i mean is that a dobermann can be agressive if you handle him agressive.
    if you are nice to him and take your time,then you can learn him alot and he will become your best friend ever.
    the dobermann that i got now is a huge boy and weighing around 50 kg.
    he looks visious,but offcourse i know he is not.
    his best friend is a jack russel.
    he also got other petfriends like chickens,ducks,turkeys and even rabbits.
    every time i had to teach him not to do them something,but offcourse it got easier and easier for me,because he knows what i want and he is a smart boy.
    i did had a problem with one of my other dobermanns before,but it was my fault.
    i got to angry at him and you should not do that do a dobermann are even another dog,but especialy not a dobermann,because they can get very afraid or opposit get angry too.
    just teach a dobermann softly,but dont give up and keep your ground,but dont get angry.
    be conseqeunt without being angry.
    dont get fysical but use your brains.

    December 30, 2016
  7. Jaki said:

    Sorry Aaron if I came across harsh. Some people still believe in nose in mess treatment. As far as punishment it will depend on the dog and there are different training methods. Some dogs are very sensitive and all you have to do is ignore them and they’ll be upset, others need a firm shake on the scruff and loud NO, and others more. Some people only believe in positive reinforcement. I think you can be firm and fair with some physical punishment. You have to decide what is best for your dog’s personality and your comfort. Personally, I like to imitate how a mother dog would scold her puppies. This older post might also help you. http://dobermansden.com/doberman-training-videos/
    Your dog will respect you if you provide him with what he needs, food, safety, comfort, exercise, and bonding playtime together. He wants you to be the leader, but he might not understand yet what you want. Good luck, I’m happy you love your dog to learn new things 🙂

    December 27, 2016
  8. Aaron said:

    If that is an old way of training please tell me a new updated way to train (not meaning to sound snappy) but how am I supposed to show power if I don’t get slightly physical. I don’t by any means beat my dog. I love him unconditionally. When I say “pop” I literally mean a quick pop on the nose if that isn’t going to work how should I go about it? And I know about only popping him when he is in the act. It’s never after the fact. It’s within a minute when he gets popped.

    December 27, 2016
  9. Jaki said:

    Aaron, you can’t punish a dog like this! He doesn’t understand why you are mad. Unless you catch him in the act, it’s too late. You can’t punish him a minute later, it has to be while he’s doing bad activity.
    He is losing respect for you as his leader and is now scared of you. Never force nose into pee, poop, garbage. He doesn’t understand why you are doing this. Remember to “dog proof” your house just like you would a baby. Lock up garbage where he can’t get to it. Also remember dogs need to pee, after sleeping, playing, eating, make sure he gets lots of pee breaks outside and clean old pee scent inside house. If he’s chewing stuff he shouldn’t, again he doesn’t know what is a dog toy and what isn’t. Maybe sure he has toys he likes and get’s enough exercise so he’s not bored inside the house. Please Aaron treat your dog like a baby, they don’t understand when young what your house rules are. You need to build trust with your dog, it sounds like you are too hard on him and he is showing fear aggression. For exercise maybe make a dog flirt pole. Dobermans love this toy and it will make him tired and he will enjoy playing with you. Good luck Aaron but please stop with nose hurting, no one trains this anymore, it just makes situation worse. Watch this video for good dog toy https://vimeo.com/26279876

    December 27, 2016
  10. Aaron said:

    I have a 2year old male “Titan” who I love dearly! This afternoon he got into the trash and scattered it all over the house. So I took by the collar and took him to the trash can. Forced his nose in it (as I have done will all other dog breeds I’ve had. Pee. Poop. Trash. Chewed things) and popped him firm on the snout. While saying “bad boy”. After I popped him he growled at me (never happened before) so I got very strong voice and said “no! You don’t do that to me” and popped him again. He turned and bite me and backed me in a corner. What do I do? How do I set an example that he isn’t going to do that to me nor my family.

    December 27, 2016
  11. D Brazier said:

    I have had Doberman’s for thirty years and all of mine have been natural cuddler’s a love affection and petting. I think your dog is the norm. Unfortunately, the public at large do not recognize just how nice these dogs are!

    December 24, 2016
  12. George said:

    I have a question as a new owner of a two year old red Doberman. You say that attacks can happen due to Dobermans not being a snuggling dog. My Doberman wants to lay next to me, sit next to me, and wants to be a 75 pound lap dog. Are they cuddlers on their own terms or did I just get a super cuddle bug for a dog?

    November 7, 2016
  13. Debdas Mallick said:

    My doberman age is 7 months.How can I teach and trained him properly?

    September 4, 2015
  14. Irene said:

    My 4year old, deezel is always on guard, even lying on my lap at rest, he constantly watching out my windows and listening, ready to pounce, sometimes he does it, runs barking just in case he sees some one, he has always been hyper.

    July 21, 2015

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